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High light effect: the use of internationally renowned brands of independent patent LED manufacturing, lamp efficiency up to 115lm / w, 70% energy saving than traditional fluorescent lamps.
High color: CRI = 80, can really reproduce the original bright colors of objects, to create a comfortable light environment. Long life: lamp with good thermal conductivity of the glass tube material, together with the high thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy radiator to ensure that the LED junction temperature is always lower than 80 ℃, 10,000 hours of light failure <8%, the service life of up to 50,000 hours.
LED fluorescent lamp
LED fluorescent lamp (3 sheets)

Safe and reliable: power with lightning protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, circuit protection, short circuit protection and other multiple protection functions to meet the electromagnetic compatibility, harmonics, pressure, insulation and other safety requirements. Failure rate <1/1000.
Green: meet the European Rohs directive requirements, and no traditional fluorescent mercury and ultraviolet pollution and other shortcomings. Constant DC current driving LED light, pure and soft light.
Durable: pure thermal glass lamp never deteriorated yellow, high luminous retention rate.
Versatility: Wide voltage (AC85-265V) power supply design, even if the voltage fluctuation can also be stable work. Applicable to the global electricity voltage.
Professional beauty: professional lighting design master to build, better understand the market demand for high cost: a strong application of alternative and cost-effective, more competitive advantage in the peer.