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Xing Yang Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, is a professional production of high-quality LED lighting products manufacturers. Main products include: LED lights, LED mining lamps, LED lights, LED panel lights, led beads and other products R & D, production and sales. Mainly used in school classroom lighting, plant workshop lighting, office office lighting, hospital interior lighting, underground garage lighting.

Xing Yang Lighting Co., Ltd. through the establishment of provincial agents, municipal agents, distributors and other sales outlets will be widely sold products nationwide. At present, we have established a sound quality management system, through the performance appraisal throughout the work, so that in advance control, in the supervision, after the inspection, the company employees work actively, so that enterprise product quality, customer satisfaction continues to improve, highlight the ultra-US lighting " Quality winning, the pursuit of far away, "the idea...

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Our company highly trained R&D department are able to offer OEM products to suit your needs and we specialize mainly in the production of High quality LED tubes, Linear Fixtures, down light, track light, Panels, High Bay, Floodlight and Street light.


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